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CONELE Twin Shaft Mixer


Mixing shafts

The mixing shaft made from smithing alloy steel. They have the best torsion-bent intension.Shaft sealing

The mixing shaft have long life because they are sealed by two reliable face seals and the others unique seal which combinate high pressure grease.Mixing device

Thanks for the mixing arms are streamline both inaxial and in radial, the material in trough not only is cut in radial but also is pushed in axial, so that it is mixed more turbulent and can reach the homogeneity in short time. For the unique design to mixing system it can save cement.Drive device

Drive device droved by two-planetary gear boxes. And this kind of design has advantages of compact configuration, stabilized driving, low noise and long used life.Automatic grease lubrication

Distributor will distribute grease come from grease pump to all lubricated points. High grease pressure, bigger viscosityand smaller grease consumption these can decrease the grease consumption these can decrease the grease stain to concrete.


Hydraulic discharging device

 Hydraulic discharge can avoid some disadvantages with pneumatic discharging device like not opening the discharging door because of low air pressure. When the discharging door in the half opened, we can set the opening door device at a random angle. And if it is in emergency, we can open the discharging door by pressing the manual-discharging knob.

1.Equip with multiple shaft end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device and effectively avoid leakage absolutely; 

2.Monitoring system of mixer can working condition of monitor reduction box, discharge pump and lubricating pump; 

3.Equip with special-purpose motor lubricate oil pump, and four separate pump core respectively feeds oil to four axial heads directly,without using by-pass valve; 

4.Multi pipes & way water injecting system can make sure that water can injected uniformly; 


5.Heavy design and stable running